You’ll be able to do push-ups and pet a cute pup in Fire Emblem Engage’s main hub

A screenshot from Fire Emblem Engage.
Image: Nintendo

Nintendo released a new trailer about the main hub zone of Fire Emblem Engage, a floating fortress called the Somniel, and it looks like it will improve on the academy in Fire Emblem: Three Houses in just about every way.

One of the new areas in the Somniel, for example, is a “training yard” that lets you do workout mini-games to temporarily boost your stats. I was instantly reminded of the workout mini-games in Final Fantasy VII and the remake, and I’m glad they’re making an appearance in Fire Emblem. Who needs a whole strategy game when I can just get swole?

You’ll also be able to pet and feed a mysterious and adorable dog-like creature. (If you told me it was a pokémon, I’d believe you.) According to the video, “legend says that good…

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Author: Jay Peters