Kumail Nanjiani Shot An Alternate Post-Credit Scene For The Eternals

2021’s The Eternals could have seen Kingo and Eros meet in a post-credit scene, according to actor Kumail Nanjiani. In an appearance on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, as picked up by Entertainment Weekly, Nanjiani revealed that he shot “a very different sort of post-credit sequence” for the Eternals that would have seen his character on screen alongside Harry Styles.

While Nanjiani was wary of giving away too many details, he explained that the two characters didn’t really interact per se. “We didn’t really talk. We just sort of made eyes at each other from afar,” Nanjiani explained, before adding: “I don’t really know what I’m allowed to say.”

The mid-credit scene that ended up making it to our screens introduced Harry Styles as Eros, but didn’t feature Nanjiani, as his character Kingo had been abducted in a previous scene. Nanjiani also talked about the experience of working alongside Styles for the film, even if they didn’t share a scene together in the end.

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Author: Hayley Williams