Scream 6 Teaser Takes A Stab At Of The Big Apple

Ghostface is returning and coming to New York. The 50-second teaser for the newest entry in the long-running horror franchise showed but a taste of what’s to come as Ghostface, the notorious, and ultraviolent killer returns in Scream 6. This will be a direct sequel to this year’s Scream 5, also called Scream, as Ghostface continues to haunt Tara (Jenny Ortega), Jasmin (Mindy Meeks-Martin), and Sam (Melissa Barrera).

Though it’s brief, we get some fun Easter eggs from other horror movies as it looks to take place on Halloween. You can quickly see someone dressed up as Samara Weaving’s Grace from Ready Or Not. Check out the teaser below.

Scream 5 was released in the US at the beginning of the year and grossed $140 million worldwide. It was praised by critics for honoring Craven’s legacy and offering thoughtful meta-commentary on horror films. Our review was also one of praise and admiration.

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Author: Lan Pitts