Save Big On The Xbox Series S And Get A Free Controller

There’s still time to get a fantastic gift for Christmas, especially if you’re looking to upgrade your gaming experience to more current-gen specs. Over at Best Buy, you can grab an Xbox Series S console with a free controller for only $250, saving $50 off the usual retail price of Microsoft’s superb entry-level gaming machine.

While it doesn’t have the sheer visual horsepower than its bigger brother the Xbox Series X has, the Series S has power where it counts. You’ll still get a great native 1440p gaming experience from this machine, plus the internal 512GB SSD means that you’ll spend far less time doom-scrolling through your phone while you wait for a level to load. Quick Resume is also a very handy feature, as the ability to switch between several games on the Series S makes it that much more enjoyable to use.

Another big plus is that the Series S looks great and has a very portable form factor, so you can easily take it with you if you’re planning to go on holiday. It is worth mentioning that this console has no disc drive and is purely designed for digital downloads, but an Xbox Game Pass subscription is surprisingly affordable and new members usually get a big discount when they first try out the service.

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Author: Darryn Bonthuys