65’s first trailer leaves Adam Driver stuck millions of years in the prehistoric past

A man standing in a misty forest and clutching a futuristic gun. Directly behind the man is the skull of a tyrannosaurus rex.
Adam Driver as 65’s protagonist Mills. | Sony

The idea of the modern-day world becoming overrun by genetically engineered dinosaurs is only but so alarming because, at the end of the day, they’re just animals who probably aren’t well-suited to survive on the planet as it currently exists. But the situation in Sony’s upcoming sci-fi survival thriller 65 from co-directors Scott Beck and Bryan Woods is far, far more unsettling as it flings humans from the distant future into the prehistoric past and leaves them with nothing but their wits (and a few guns) to battle against T. rexes.

65 tells the story of pilot Mills (Adam Driver) and his passenger Koa (Ariana Greenblatt) as the pair fight to survive on what at first appears to be an alien planet after their spaceship collides with an…

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Author: Charles Pulliam-Moore