The Nintendo Switch Year In Review Returns For 2022

This year’s Nintendo Switch year-in-review stats are officially up, so you can log into the Nintendo official website and see just how much time you spent catching them all. You can access the stats simply by logging in to your Nintendo Online account on the official website page, which is also linked in the tweet below.

Categories shown include the game most played overall, games played at launch, and games played for multiple years in a row. You can also see the games you played most in a particular month and a pie chart of game genres. Under each category, you can hit the “share this” button to download an image, which you can then post to the social media of your choice… if these are facts that are not too embarrassing to share.

At the end of the page, it will show a bunch of personalized recommendations of titles on the Switch shop, as well as upcoming games Nintendo is looking to promote: like Fire Emblem Engage or The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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Author: Grace Benfell