Pentiment Update 1.1 Adds New Minigame

Obsidian Entertainment has announced that update 1.1 for Pentiment is now live, which includes a brand-new minigame, a collection of quality of life improvements, and more.

As the latest Obsidian forum post details, the narrative adventure murder mystery game now includes an Endris minigame featured at the beginning of Act 1 for players to interact with. Additionally, there’s an added instant dialogue display option for characters which was an update the director Josh Sawyer promised would be arriving later on after the launch of the game.

Quite a few bugs have been fixed too, one addressing the input mapper and another common issue where players would be unable to prevent talking to Father Gernot after giving him their evidence in Act 2. There’s also a Persuade check-in place that allows the conversation to continue here. The full patch notes can be read below.

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Author: Demi Williams