Discord leans on linked accounts to verify who you are and what you can access

Screenshot showing a Linked Roles screen, displaying a “Tweeter” role that requires a connected Twitter account, an “eBay Seller” role that requires a connected eBay account, and so on.
A list of Linked Roles on a server, along with icons for the connections they’ll require. | Image: Discord

Discord is making the accounts you have linked to your profile a key part of the chatting experience. It’s introducing a system called Linked Roles, where admins and moderators can grant people access to certain channels and even entire servers based on which third-party apps and websites those people have connected to their Discord account.

In an extremely detailed blog post on Monday, the company says the feature, which will be rolling out over the next few weeks, will support connecting accounts from sites like Steam, Twitter, Reddit, DeviantArt, and more (there are “over twenty official Connections,” according to Discord’s blog post). Server administrators will then be able to set up certain filters based on those connections — for…

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Author: Mitchell Clark