Destiny 2 Spire Of The Watcher Dungeon Guide

In Season of the Seraph, Bungie launched its second dungeon, Spire of the Watcher, for Destiny 2 Year 5. This season centers around secret bunkers and Golden Age technology, making this Mars dungeon a perfect setting. To access the Spire of the Watcher dungeon, head to Ikora at the Tower and pick up the Ares Desperado quest. The first objective is to complete the dungeon. Load into the dungeon from the Mars location in Savathun’s Throne World.

The Spire of the Watcher’s recommended Power is 1570 on Normal, or 1610 with additional modifiers on Master difficulty. The game will drop you in a place called the Ishtar Chronoscopic Analysis, but you need to make your way around the cliffside by following the large yellow electrical cord. Once you arrive at the entrance mechanic area, shoot the lone Goblin or enter the combat zone to trigger the rest of the Vex to spawn–scouring the area are Void-shielded Conduit Minotaurs, Harpies, Goblins, along with four Cyclops sitting atop the cliffs.

Entrance Dungeon Mechanic

As one person figures out the mechanic, the others can help clear out the enemies. The enemies will constantly spawn in, and one of the Cyclops may return even after being defeated.

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Author: Saniya Ahmed