Some People Still Don’t Know “The Right Way” To Remove GameCube Discs

If you owned a GameCube as a kid, you probably remember a few things about the console: its unique form factor, its tiny discs, and how disappointing Super Mario Sunshine was. However, did you know that there’s a “right way” to remove those discs? Yep, you just press the button in the center of the tray.

If you aren’t sure what we’re talking about, you aren’t alone–indeed, it seems that many players are unaware of this feature. We polled GameSpot’s staff, and over half of us didn’t know about it. As the above tweet from DavyPGH shows, pressing the center of the CD holder causes the disc to gently remove itself from the tray, rather than the “gripping and ripping” that so many of us had to perform as kids. (The button even says “push” on it, apparently.) This knowledge might be 20 years late for some of us, but if you still play Super Smash Bros. Melee on your original GameCube, it’s probably worth keeping in mind.

There are many similar bits of gaming knowledge that you might assume that everyone knows, but that some people have definitely missed out on over the years. For example, did you know that the PS2 background becomes more populated based on the contents of your memory card? Or that you can continue on the same world after a game over in the original Super Mario Bros. by holding A and pressing Start on the main menu? Yes, the wonders of the gaming world are inexhaustible.

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Author: Steven T. Wright