Pokemon Scarlet And Violet – All Stake And Shrine Locations

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet features the first fully connected open-world in the series, filled with secrets for players to find. One of those secrets are the four shrines found in the Paldea region, each of which contains a legendary Pokemon. In order to access each shrine, you will need to find eight stakes in the surrounding area. Here is where you can find each shrine and its corresponding stakes. If you fully advance through the history courses and befriend the history teacher Ms. Raifort, she will mark the shrine locations on your map for you, although this isn’t necessary to unlock them. While you don’t need to finish the game to access these shrines, you will need to have unlocked all traversal abilities. If you accidentally knock out the legendary Pokemon, they just return to the shrine and you can try again after a short wait.

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Grasswither Shrine (purple)

The purple Grasswither shrine location.
The purple Grasswither shrine location.

Located in the southeast corner of Paldea, the Grasswither Shrine is purple, which means you will need to locate the eight corresponding purple stakes and remove them from the ground. This shrine contains Wo-Chien, a Dark/Grass type legendary Pokemon that resembles a snail.

Here are the eight purple stake locations.

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Author: James Carr