For Some Pokemon Fans, Scarlet And Violet Are The Latest In A String Of Disappointments

Pokemon is many things to many people: a game series that spawned an entire genre, a mammoth media franchise enjoyed by all ages, and a symbol of innocent fun in a world obsessed with violence and strife. However, while it’s no secret that Pokemon is a massive money-maker for Nintendo, it’s also become a symbol of the company’s latent conservatism and unwillingness to adapt to modern trends. Now, with the controversial release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, some Pokemon fans are wondering what it’ll take for the series to finally get the overhaul that they feel so desperately needs. Others wonder if such an overhaul is even possible at all.

On paper, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have a lot to offer Pokemon fans. Often labeled as yet another attempt at the mythical “open-world Pokemon,” the games feature a great deal of freedom on how to proceed, an interesting new story that’s garnered rave reviews from all corners, and a return to the classic catching formula after the experimentation of Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Unfortunately, all of these positive aspects have been largely overshadowed by the game’s design shortcomings, and especially its bevy of technical issues.

“I’d say I’m angry, but it’s more in that ‘dad way,’ where I’m really more disappointed in Nintendo,” says Morse. A self-described lifelong fan of the Pokemon franchise, Morse has not only played and beaten every mainline Pokemon game, he also maintains what enthusiasts term a “living PokeDex“–a Dex that contains at least one example of every existing Pokemon species to date.

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Author: Steven T. Wright