Fire Emblem Engage’s Emblem System Will Turn You Into The Lord Of The Rings

A new trailer for Fire Emblem Engage has shown off more of the tactical-RPG’s unique gameplay mechanic, which will allow users to summon heroes from past Fire Emblems adventures to aid them in battle. At their most basic level, equipping an Emblem Ring will empower your hero and give them access to special skills.

Once a hero is synced with one of these rings, they’ll deal significantly more damage, and once you temporarily “engage” an emblem, this will unlock special weapons, Engage Skills, and Engage Attacks that act as finishing moves. Each ring has its own unique abilities, and one example shown in the trailer was the Emblem of the Holy War that summons Sigurd from 1996’s Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War.

Sigurd’s superior mobility is passed on to your chosen unit, while his special ability Override lets a character damage multiple line-up foes. As teased in the previous The Divine Dragon Awakens trailer, there’ll be 12 rings to collect in total, six of which have been revealed so far:

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Author: Darryn Bonthuys