Get A Compact Switch Dock For 50% Off In This Black Friday Deal

One of the benefits of owning a Nintendo Switch is that it’s a compact hybrid console that’s at home in your hands or hooked up to your TV. If you’re looking to trim some excess plastic and make your favorite Nintendo gaming system even more portable (or simply have a second dock on hand), then this third-party dock should grab your attention. With a 50% Black Friday discount, the RocketFish TV Dock for the Switch is only $25 right now at Best Buy.

RocketFish Nintendo Switch TV dock
RocketFish Nintendo Switch TV dock

Like the standard dock that comes with the Nintendo Switch, the RocketFish version can be used to both charge your Switch and display your gameplay on a TV that it’s connected to. This dock supports both the regular Switch and its newer OLED model, includes a charging port with USB 2.0 output which can power a controller, and an AC adapter to get some of that delightful electricity flowing into its frame.

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Author: Darryn Bonthuys