New On Hulu In December 2022: It’s A Wonderful Binge, Nolan’s Batman Trilogy

In the upcoming month, Hulu has a lot of cool stuff coming out on the streaming service. There’s plenty of original content, which include comedies, documentaries, and Santa-related content. Below, you’ll find everything coming to Hulu for the month of December and a few recommendations.

People keep saying they don’t make comedies anymore, but on December 9, Hulu is taking a wild swing on the Christmas-themed It’s A Wonderful Binge. It’s a pretty strange movie with a delightfully odd cast including Danny Trejo, Tim Meadows, Paul Scheer, and a synopsis reads in part: “In the near future, all drinking and drugs are banned except for one glorious day known as The Binge… This year, that day happens to miraculously land on Christmas.” The movie promises to be a holiday adventure complete with magical story books, catchy songs, stop-motion animation, and in a package “like you’ve never seen before.” Check out the trailer below.

On December 12, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises all hit Hulu. The final film in the Christopher Nolan trilogy is marking its 10th anniversary, and there have been so many other takes on Batman–and more in the pipeline, though with fewer people donning the cowl–that now’s actually a pretty good time to revisit Nolan’s take on Gotham with some healthy distance and fresh eyes.

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Author: David Wolinsky