Conquer Slopes In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet With This One Weird Trick

As you are wandering the open world of Pokemon Scarlet or Violet, you may find slopes impeding your progress. While these obstacles are intentionally placed, you can evade them with an unintentional trick: going backward.

ZullieTheWitch on Twitter posted a clip of her Scarlet game. The video shows her attempting to jump up a slope and sliding down it. Then, she turns around and leaps up the hill backwards, successfully making it up. Our own attempts have gotten the trick to work. If you are interested in trying it yourself, the key is mashing the jump button as you descend, so that your jump starts before you begin to slide down.

Once you get a little further into the game, and get abilities like Glide and Climb, the trick might be harder to pull off. However, with additional movement tools, you probably won’t need it as much.

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Author: Grace Benfell