Steam Breaks Another Record, Hits 30 Million Concurrent Users

Since the start of the pandemic, Steam has seen a rapid increase in concurrent users–that is, the number of people using the service at any one time. Now, according to Valve’s own Steam Charts, Steam has hit a huge new milestone, reporting over 30 million users online at once on Sunday October 23.

With the pandemic boosting the amount of time people have spent gaming, Steam has broken its own records fairly regularly over the last few years. Earlier this year the platform reported a peak of 28 million for the first time, and has continued to grow since then.

The top five games being played during this weekend’s peak were Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, DOTA 2, Lost Ark, Apex Legends, and PUBG: Battlegrounds. CS:GO made up over 1 million of the users counted online, with a peak of 1.05 million players on Sunday, but not everyone counted in Steam’s 30 million users would have been in game, as it also includes users browsing stores or engaging in Steam’s community features.

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Author: Hayley Williams