New Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Trailer Gets Spooky With A New Ghost Dog Pokemon

The Paldean region of Pokemon Scarlet And Violet will be filled with spooky sights, as the game’s latest trailer highlights Ghost-type Pokemon including Gengar and a brand-new ghost doggo Pokemon that just wants to play fetch.

The trailer shows a Pokemon Trainer searching for Ghost-type Pokemon at night. The trainer eventually runs into a cute puppy Ghost-type Pokemon with a candle on its head. After a few games of fetch the trainer eventually passes out, and the trailer ends with the poltergeist pupper looking down and giving a quick lick of appreciation.

Also shown in the trailer are Ghost-type Pokemon featured in previous games, including Mimikyu from Pokemon Sun and Moon, as well Gengar, one of the original 151 from Pokemon Red and Blue.

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Author: Jason Fanelli