Getty Images CEO says firms racing to sell AI art could be stepping into illegal territory

Ai-Da Robot Demonstrates Her New Painting Ability
A robot wields a paintbrush — but AI artwork is created with algorithms not oil paints. | Photo by Hollie Adams/Getty Images

Getty Images CEO Craig Peters has criticized companies “racing” to commercialize AI art generators, saying firms aren’t thinking through the potential legal and ethical hazards of the technology.

In an interview with The Verge, Peters reiterated Getty Images’ rule against selling AI content (which it banned in September), while announcing a new partnership between the company and Israeli firm Bria to offer AI-powered image editing tools. Getty Images’ stance on AI-generated content marks a clear difference with rival Shutterstock, which announced today it will be integrating AI art generator DALL-E directly into its site’s offerings.

“We took a step around AI-generated imagery to…

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Author: James Vincent