Slow microSD download speeds on your Steam Deck? There’s a fix for that

The Valve Steam Deck gaming handheld sits on a reflective table, with an orange background.
The microSD card slot is located on the bottom of the Steam Deck, beneath the right speaker. | Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

If you get a Steam Deck, slide in a microSD card, format it, and begin installing a game, you might notice something: incredibly slow download speeds. Like “Is my internet broken?” speeds. There seems to be something happening for some Deck owners, including myself, that prevents your removable microSD storage from being able to operate at full speed.

There is a fix for it that doesn’t take too long, but note that you’ll need to reformat your microSD card during this process, so you will lose your game installs and anything else you have stored on your card.

But first, a disclaimer that it’s possible that your microSD card is, in fact, what’s slowing things down. My colleague Alice Newcome-Beill tells me that you should buy one that has…

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Author: Cameron Faulkner