Apex Legends Season 15’s New Map Explores The Bright Side Of A Broken Moon, Contrasting Heaven And Hell

Apex Legends Season 15 is lunar-themed; it’s titled Eclipse and features ferrofluid-wielding technowitch Catalyst as a new playable character. The season adds a brand-new battle royale map to the game as well. Named Broken Moon, the new map is located on a lunar colony built upon Cleo, the partially destroyed moon of Boreas, which is the home planet of both Catalyst and Seer.

At a preview event, the Apex Legends team walked the press through the development process surrounding Broken Moon and talked about the inspirations for coming up with the look and feel of the map. According to the team, the aesthetic design of Broken Moon aims to explore both the dark and light sides of the moon and celebrate the culture of Boreas and Cleo–two celestial bodies we haven’t seen much of since the Stories from the Outlands: Metamorphosis trailer, which released just prior to the start of Season 10.

“Broken Moon has been in development probably since just after Season 8–it’s been about a year and a half–and I collaborated with our lead designer [Randolph Stayer] on a few ideas,” Apex Legends world director Ed Agostini said. “We were throwing out possible biomes, possible backstories, and the moon environment really gravitated to the top and it was something we wanted to explore. We knew we were building the moon of Boreas way far back when we were even building [Arenas map] Encore, which was where we first saw Boreas’ broken moon. So that was the end goal. We thought, ‘This is great, we’re going to foreshadow it, we’re going to explore it,’ and along the way, we had some crazy ideas that we developed, some got thrown out, some got put on the back-burner, and everything else is what you’re going to be seeing very soon.”

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Author: Jordan Ramée