Angry Miao’s new anime-inspired keyboard has an amazing design and an irritating flaw

A tan and red ergonomic keyboard with see-through keycaps illuminated by multicolored light, resting on a white table.
The multi-color anodized and sandblasted finish on this keyboard is quite a sight to behold in person.

Angry Miao’s new anime-inspired keyboard with user-adjustable stiffness is made by sickos, for sickos, and it instantly made me want to bust out my Master Grade Gundam model kits from the early aughts and get painting. But sometimes, I did feel like this keyboard was better to look at than to use.

The Angry Miao Adjustable Flex Alice (AM AFA) is the company’s first Alice layout keyboard (a newer ergonomic style with contoured keys, a gap in the middle, and a split space bar). It’s also another over-the-top science fiction-inspired design — this time drawing a likeness from the transforming VF-19 Advance fighter jet of Macross Plus. It’s very on-brand in its over-engineering and obscene price, being machined from a 4.4-pound block of…

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Author: Antonio G. Di Benedetto