TiVo is making its case as a smart TV platform

A TV running TiVo OS.
TiVo OS looks like other interfaces you might be familiar with. | Image: Xperi

Remember TiVo? It still exists, even if you probably haven’t used a TiVo device in quite awhile. (Unless you’re one of the few who tried the company’s Android TV dongle.) Even though the vast majority of people have since moved to TV software that is built into their device or runs on a dedicated piece of hardware like the Apple TV, TiVo owner Xperi is getting into the TV software game with TiVo OS.

Yes, that means there will be yet another company vying to run the software that powers your TV. But TiVo’s angle with TiVo OS is to be a “first-of-its-kind neutral platform,” which means in part that equipment manufacturers will have more control over the experience.

Right now, the US TV software market is largely dominated by Roku, which…

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Author: Jay Peters