Meet The Hackers Fighting To Customize Your Steam Client

Do you like the way your Steam client looks? It’s a question that many of us never even think to ask. But in a tech-obsessed world that lets us customize everything from your phone’s background to your colorful internet browser, it seems fair to consider.

Yet the process of customizing your Steam client is far from intuitive–in fact, if it weren’t for a few intrepid hackers and niche Discords, it would hardly exist at all in 2022. These tools require time, patience, and a bit of research to use correctly. And given Valve’s outsized presence in the PC gaming community–and how basic of a feature this is–it feels like it should be a lot easier.

“There’s just no support for it anymore,” says Jonius7, the developer of Old Glory, a popular Steam skinning tool. “It makes you wonder what Valve thinks about all of it.”

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Author: Steven T. Wright