Texas Chain Saw Massacre Reveals Two New Playable Villains Through Free Teaser Game

With The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Gun Interactive is returning to the asymmetrical horror genre it helped popularize with 2017’s Friday The 13th: The Game. Following our recent deep dive, it’s now been revealed that more than just the previously announced trio of villains will be playable when the game launches in 2023. Today, GameSpot can exclusively reveal the first development images of two new villains coming to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

It took some time–and some eagle-eyed community members–to put all the clues together, but it turns out Gun has been teasing this reveal for a while. It’s been building an elaborate alternate reality game (ARG) and using out-of-game materials like Instagram accounts for fictional characters, fake newsreels on YouTube, and a free itch.io game made in Unreal Engine 5 that takes a decidedly dark turn.

At the end of this cryptic sequence of events comes its reveal: The developers are bringing two new family members into the game’s story, increasing its full roster of villains to five. This includes the three original baddies from the 1974 movie–Leatherface, the Hitchhiker, and the Cook–as well as the two newly-created family members, Johnny and Sissy, who will make their debut when the game arrives next year. Below you can find the first-ever public development images of these two new characters.

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Author: Mark Delaney