Sims Creator Will Wright’s Next Game Uses Blockchain, Not That Interested In NFTs

Will Wright, the original creator of The Sims and Sims City, is working on a blockchain game called Voxverse.

Gala Games released a video yesterday, October 20, where Wright took the time to explain what the game will be like. Like many metaverse titles, Voxverse will be a sort of hub game, with Wright explaining “this is not only gonna be a world for games, but also a place for other games to live. There will be portals to other Gala games,” which Wright notes you can bring your Vox into, the avatars of the game.

Essentially it sounds like something akin to Roblox, the -ox suffix not being the only connection, but it more being a home for a variety of things to do. Voxverse is based on a pre-existing line of Voxs from Gala Games, which so far have just been NFT avatars that, as usual don’t do anything. But if you do own a Vox avatar, you’ll be able to use it in Voxverse.

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Author: Oisin Kuhnke