Gotham Knights Co-op Details: Cross-play, Private Games, And More Explained

Gotham Knights, like many games that offer the choice, is better in co-op. Beating up evil-doers is simply more fun when you have a sidekick. Of course, in this game, you’re both technically sidekicks, but since Batman is dead, it’ll be up to you to defend the city that meant everything to him. In this guide, we’ll walk you through your co-op options within Gotham Knights, including an explainer on cross-play, details on the forthcoming four-player mode, and a guide on how to change the privacy of your game so you can or can’t be joined by others.

Gotham Knights cross-play

The big burning question is whether Gotham Knights has cross-play or not. The answer, which will disappoint some players, is it does not. You’ll be limited to playing as Batgirl, Robin, Red Hood, or Nightwing with your co-op partner on the same platform, be it Xbox, PC, or PS5. As the last-gen versions were also scrapped, there’s no cross-gen play either. It’s a simple solution, though likely not the one people were hoping for.

Gotham Knights solo, co-op, and open lobbies

Gotham Knights is better in co-op. We really believe that. However, you might disagree, and that’s fine. You can change your session settings to one of three options whenever you feel like it. When you’re playing, just press left on the D-pad to open up a menu that includes photo mode, emotes, and a vaguely internet-looking icon. It’s in that section that you can change the visibility of your session, either making it invite-only (essentially solo until you say otherwise), open to friends, or open to all players. If you select open to all players, the game seems to prioritize getting you paired up with someone quickly–even signified by the option’s menu icon: “SOS.”

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Author: Mark Delaney