A tiny robot wand for your blinds

A hand holding a small solar panel next to a window blind with a SwitchBot Blind Tilt attached.
The SwitchBot Blind Tilt can tilt your blinds automatically. | Image: SwitchBot

SwitchBot, the smart home company that takes robotics to places no one imagined, has come up with another ingenious gadget. The new $69 SwitchBot Blind Tilt launches today on Kickstarter, with orders expected to ship before Christmas. And, yes, it looks as ugly as you’d expect. But as an inexpensive way to replicate the benefits of smart shades, it’s a promising product.

Automated motorized shades and blinds are something of a luxury as they’re generally very expensive — starting at around $300 to $400 per window and rapidly rising from there. The benefits, though, are quite impressive: energy savings, convenience, security, and smart lighting.

Smart blinds can automatically adjust to keep your home well-lit throughout the day, keep…

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Author: Jennifer Pattison Tuohy