WoW: Dragonflight Is Getting A Series Of Animated Shorts To Help You Brush Up On Your Dragon Lore

World of Warcraft’s upcoming Dragonflight expansion goes heavy on the dragons, and a new series of animated shorts will help players brush up on all the critical moments of dragon history from the game’s lore ahead of the new expansion’s arrival.

Called Dragonflight: Legacies, the animated shorts will feature the leader of the Bronze Dragonflight, Nozdormu, as he walks viewers through the major events in the history of dragonkind. It looks like fans will get a look at the battle between the fabled battle between the dragon aspects and the monstrous Galakrond, the creation of the new playable Dracthyr race, a glimpse at the main villain of the expansion’s first raid, and more. Fans have speculated that a resurrected Galakrond of some kind may end up being the ultimate “big bad” of Dragonflight, so to see him featured so heavily in the trailer for Dragonflight: Legacies is certainly tantalizing.

The shorts are similar in nature to what Blizzard has done from previous expansions. Warlords of Draenor, Legion, Battle for Azeroth, and the most recent Shadowlands expansion all received a series of animated shorts diving deep on some of the major characters that were to be featured in the corresponding expansion.

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Author: Cameron Koch