Overwatch 2 – Symmetra Hero Guide

Overwatch 2 has brought a variety of new content to the hero shooter, like new heroes, modes, and maps. In addition to all the new content, every hero from the original Overwatch has made the jump over, although some heroes have been altered to match the new 5v5 gameplay. Symmetra is a hero that thrives on defense, but she can be powerful against tanks with mitigation abilities.

You can see how all heroes, including this one, stack up in our Overwatch 2 tank tier list, DPS tier list, and support tier list. Where did your favorite land?

Symmetra overview

Symmetra is a close-range defensive damage hero. Armed with a beam weapon that increases its damage output over time. It has an alt-fire that shoots a 3D object that travels in a straight line. Symmetra can also place up to three small Sentry Turrets, which lock onto enemies, slowing them and dealing damage overtime. She also has a teleporter that disappears after a short period of time, which Symmetra and her teammates can use to travel between the two points. Her ultimate ability is a massive energy barrier that extends across the entire map, blocking enemies’ projectiles and attacks.

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Author: James Carr