Overwatch 2 – Reaper Hero Guide

Reaper is one of the many damage heroes returning in Overwatch 2. The sequel has taken over the place of the original Overwatch, bringing old and new players to the hero shooter. Overwatch brings new modes, new heroes, and new maps, but it also means new balance updates for the returning roster. Here’s how to best utilize Reaper in Overwatch 2.

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Reaper overview

Armed with two short-range shotguns, Reaper has the capacity to drop other heroes in only a few shots. His abilities support his close-ranged nature, giving him the ability to teleport behind enemy lines. His Wraith Form can be used to either close the distance on enemies, or escape from a sticky situation. His passive heal is triggered when he deals damage, so Reaper has strong survivability when in the middle of combat. His ultimate ability deals a high amount of damage in a circle around him, which is great for clearing objectives.

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Author: James Carr