Overwatch 2 – Doomfist Hero Guide

Overwatch 2 puts Doomfist in a tank role, and the change creates some difficulties for the hero. Nerfed attack power makes it difficult to control enemy threats, despite Doomfist’s increased health. However, a new defensive ability and its accompanying buff to Rocket Punch opens the door to some useful combos.

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Doomfist overview

Doomfist is in an odd position thanks to Overwatch 2’s changes. Becoming a tank granted him significantly more HP, but Blizzard nerfed his attack abilities to the point where you may struggle to deal with most threats. His hand cannon ability deals a decent amount of damage, but struggles to finish the job with just four rounds. Charge punch remains a potent ability if you can time it well, and it works even more effectively thanks to a new ability that speeds up charging time when you use Doomfist’s defense skill.

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Author: Josh Broadwell