How to make green bubbles easier to read on iPhone

An illustration of darker green text message bubbles on iPhone.
Here’s what the darker green bubbles look like. | Illustration by Samar Haddad / The Verge

Apple probably won’t be fixing the green bubble problem anytime soon. But over the weekend, while scrolling Reddit, I found an awesome setting that at least makes green texts a lot easier to read on my iPhone. (Thank you to u/oishiirecipe for sharing the steps!)

By default, any texts you send to a device that doesn’t have iMessage turned on show up as a harsh, bright green bubble. It’s a very obvious signal that you aren’t texting somebody with an Apple device and losing out on things like smoother group chats and snazzy message effects. Frankly, those green texts can also be difficult to parse, something Google has pointed out on its “Get the Message” website.

To make green texts more readable, you’ll have to dive a bit into your…

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Author: Jay Peters