Help, Foxconn has gone from AI 8K+5G to ‘3+3=∞’

Foxconn President Liu Young-way in front of a slide that says “3+3=∞”
That’s Foxconn president Liu Young-way going way beyond the boundaries of traditional mathematics. | Image: Getty

It has never been clear what Foxconn is attempting to do in Wisconsin, and every time the company or one of its executives tries to explain it, things have just gotten weirder. For example, the company has said for years that its empty warehouse in southeastern Wisconsin is the centerpiece of an “AI 8K+5G” strategy, without ever explaining what that means. (Nothing. It means nothing.)

Anyway, throw that mystery out of your brain because AI 8K+5G has been completely scrubbed from Foxconn’s Wisconsin website. Instead, get ready for “3+3=∞,” which is Foxconn’s new strategy, or Foxconn 3.0, which the company claims follows the famous and beloved Foxconn 1.0 and Foxconn 2.0 strategies that totally made sense and revolutionized the industrial…

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Author: Nilay Patel