Halo Bionic Arm Prosthetics Line Expands With New Master Chief And Kat Designs

As part of an ongoing collaboration with Limbitless Solutions, a non-profit which creates 3D-printed prosthetics for children, 343 Industries has introduced two new prosthetic sleeve designs based on Halo characters.

The first is based on the Mjolnir power armor in Halo Infinite. The other is based on the armor of Halo: Reach star Spartan Catherine-B320, aka “Kat,” who was one of the first characters in Halo use a prosthetic limb. 343 Industries also assisted Limbitless Solutions in developing a new Limbitless Anthracite Black and satin matte green color for the prosthetics to match the sleeve design. The collaboration goes back to 2018, when 343 assisted in designing Master Chief and Arbiter themed prosthetic sleeves.

The blue and gray prosthetic sleeve design based on Spartan Kat's armor from Halo Reach.
The blue and gray prosthetic sleeve design based on Spartan Kat’s armor from Halo Reach.

At the Halo World Championship in Seattle this weekend (October 20-23), attendees will learn more about the collaboration and get the chance to see models of the new designs. Limbitless Solutions staff will also be present to show the prosthetic’s capabilities via a demo game.

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Author: Grace Benfell