Fallout: London modders drop zombie Queen Elizabeth II character for obvious reasons

Concept artwork of “Feral Queen.”
Concept artwork of the now-cancelled “Feral Queen” character. | Image: Tony Sart

The makers of Fallout: London, an ambitious mod for Fallout 4 set in everyone’s favorite post-apocalyptic hellscape, have announced they’re cutting two characters based on the late Queen Elizabeth II and then-Prince Charles. The announcement was initially made on Twitter on September 8th shortly after the Queen’s death, but the team’s project lead Dean Carter officially announced the change during a recent development update.

“We have always maintained that if she was to pass away before the mod was complete we would change it,” Carter said. “Do not expect them in there. There’s no point asking in the comments. There’s no point moaning. It’s the official stance of the mod and it will not change.”

Concept art of the two characters show…

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Author: Jon Porter