Battlefield 2042’s Orbital Rework Is Live Now

The latest major map rework for Battlefield 2042 is now live, bringing big changes to one of the game’s most iconic maps, Orbital.

Like previous map reworks, the new Orbital features new cover, better gameplay flow, and visual improvements to make various areas of the map stand out more from each other. In the Conquest game mode, various flags on the map have been moved or added. The map should now feel more war-torn, with areas like the Crawlerway and the Launch Pad now littered with debris, destroyed tanks, and craters.

The new Orbital is the star of update 2.2, but it also introduces three weapons from Battlefield 3 (which have long been available in the game’s Battlefield Portal mode) into Battlefield 2042’s core All-Out Warfare game modes. Those three weapons are the ACW-R assault rifle, the AKS-74u assault rifle, and the MP412 REX revolver.

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Author: Cameron Koch