Xbox October Update Will Finally Let You Mute The Console Boot-Up Chime

Xbox players will finally be able to mute their console’s startup sound and power chime thanks to a new system update for Microsoft’s consoles.

In a thread on Twitter outlining the new features that have arrived as part of the Xbox’s October 2022 update, the official Xbox Twitter account said “a lot of fans” had requested the ability for Xbox consoles to boot up silently. But the silent boot and power chime options are just one of a handful of minor updates that have come to Xbox as part of the October update that fans might want to be aware of.

The new feature pairs nicely with another update–the ability to adjust TV volume directly through the Xbox, no TV remote required. This feature seems to be specifically for Xbox Series X|S owners, with the only caveat being the console will need to be connected to a TV via HDMI to make use of the feature. Considering most players are likely doing that already, it should be something most people will be able to take advantage of, especially when in a pinch and the TV remote is nowhere to be found.

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Author: Cameron Koch