Victrix Pro FS Arcade Fight Stick Review: Arcade Perfect

The arcade joystick–or “fight stick” as it’s generally known in the fighting game community–is considered by many as the best way to experience a fighting game. The genre is known for its demand for precision, with inputs for moves measured in frames lasting 1/60 of a second. Arcade sticks, the thought process goes, lends itself better to meeting the specific execution demands of fighting games. Victrix is hoping to lead the way in the new console generation with the Pro FS Arcade Fight Stick, and after playing multiple fighters with the device over the last two weeks, I can say the bar for fight sticks on PlayStation consoles and PC has been set incredibly high.

Arcade sticks have a history of being large, heavy, and cumbersome, but the Victrix Pro FS Arcade Stick remedies at least two of those major issues to a degree. Despite its large size, the stick is surprisingly lightweight. More importantly, I’ve had a much easier time picking this up and carrying it around than other fight sticks before it. The two handles underneath the buttons make it easier to lift no matter which hand I’m using, which means the stick becomes more portable too. Admittedly, the stick will still take all of the space in most backpacks, but at least getting it out of said backpack won’t be a huge chore. Victrix also thought ahead by making the joystick and wire removable, making storage even easier.

Though it is lighter than other sticks I’ve used in the past, the Pro FS Arcade Fight Stick is still heavy enough to anchor itself, creating a stable playing experience. The stick never slides around my desk while I play, keeping me grounded and comfortable whether I’m throwing Hadokens, Electric wind God Fists, or Bandit Bringers.

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Author: Jason Fanelli