The Best PlayStation Fighting Games For PS5 And PS4

As long as PlayStation has been around, it has been seen as one of the best consoles to have for fighting game fans. A rock-solid line-up of games, legacy franchises, and one of the best controller D-pads for multiple generations has made Sony’s gaming hardware the default choice for some of the greatest fighting games of the era, and right now, not much has changed on that front.

With the PS4 being a hub for fighting games during their renaissance in the 2010s and the PS5 being backwards compatible with the vast majority of that library, we’ve slipped into our most comfortable Walmart-sourced karate gi and stepped into the ring to face off with the best that the PlayStation has to offer. Below, you’ll find our picks for the best PlayStation fighting games to play on PS5 and PS4. Instead of ranking these fighters, we’ve listed our choices in alphabetical order.

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Author: Darryn Bonthuys