Tesla is selling another at-home charger that works with other EVs

A Tesla J1772 wall charger being used to charge a non-Tesla electric vehicle/
The new Tesla J1772 wall charger requires an adapter to charge its own companies vehicles but can be used to power other EV makes and models. | Image: Tesla

Tesla has launched a new J1772 wall charger that can be installed into homes and used with other brands of electric vehicles (via Electrek). The charger is capable of adding up to 44 miles of range per hour and features a 24-foot cable and can power-share to maximize electrical capacity, allowing you to charge multiple vehicles at once.

Tesla owners can also use this new charger, but it will require the adapter that comes bundled with their vehicles. Still, this is a decent compromise for households that may have several different models of EV; otherwise, Tesla owners are better off purchasing Tesla’s original Wall Connector for $400, which comes already equipped with Tesla’s proprietary plug.

Image: Tesla

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Author: Jess Weatherbed