Silent Hill 2 Remake Officially Announced

After months of speculation and reports, Konami officially confirmed its Silent Hill 2 remake during a video presentation. The game, which opened the presentation with an impressive trailer, looks to be rebuilt from the ground up while still keeping the essence of the 2001 original intact.

The trailer gives us a look at the new James Sunderland, who has ventured to Silent Hill to rescue his wife Mary–long believed dead. We see some signature series elements in the trailer, as well, including the fog-filled streets and a few familiar enemies. Those, naturally, include Pyramid Head.

Silent Hill 2 is in development at Bloober Team and is a PS5 console exclusive. It is just one Silent Hill project currently in the works, with Silent Hill: Ascension and Silent Hill F also in development. Additionally, there are a number of special collectibles being made, including an Inu-End coin bank as a nod to Silent Hill 2’s joke ending.

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Author: Gabe Gurwin