Overwatch 2 – Echo Hero Guide

One of the newest damage heroes in Overwatch 2 is Echo, a futuristic robot that’s been programmed to inflict maximum casualties on any battlefield she touches. Echo is an extremely versatile hero that’s already generated some buzz in the early going of Overwatch 2. Not only can this hero deal significant damage, but she has a number of mobility abilities that can give enemies fits when trying to take her down.

Veterans and newcomers are on a neutral playing field when it comes to Echo. She’s a brand new hero that everyone is having to learn for the first time. Echo can take on multiple playstyles, giving players the freedom to play how they want to on the map. However, with this freedom comes great responsibility, as teams will often rely on Echo to deal damage while also staying mobile and opening lanes for other heroes.

Below, we’ll explain all of Echo’s abilities and the best strategies to use while playing as her in Overwatch 2.

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Author: Joey Carr