Overwatch 2 – Ana Hero Guide

In Overwatch 2 Ana is one of the support heroes, who has the ability to do a high amount of healing at a distance. Armed with a rifle, Ana can dish out healing and damage from range, something that many other support heroes don’t excel at. Overwatch 2 brought new modes, heroes, and maps, along with balance changes to the hero shooter, which has shifted the meta. Here’s how to maximize your healing as Ana in Overwatch 2.

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Ana overview

Ana is a support hero in Overwatch 2, who provides healing using her long-ranged rifle. The rifle provides a large chunk of healing to teammates when hit and deals damage to enemies hit. Ana is also equipped with a Sleep Dart that puts enemies to sleep for a few seconds, although they will wake up when damaged. Her Biotic Grenade provides healing to friendlies, while temporarily increasing the amount of healing they recieve. Her Nano Boost ultimate ability lets one of her teammates go in on the enemy team, providing a damage boost and reduced damage taken.

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Author: James Carr