Netflix’s whimsical The School for Good and Evil is worth the price of admission

Three women in extravagant, intricate gowns looking to their right in concern at something just off-screen.
Sofia Wylie as Agatha, Michelle Yeoh as Professor Anemone, and Kerry Washington as Professor Dovey. | Image: Gilles Mingasson / Netflix

So long as there are literate young people trudging their way to school every morning, there’s always going to be an appetite for stories asking “what if the educational system, but magical?” That’s exactly the question author Soman Chainani’s The School for Good and Evil and Netflix’s new adaptation of the novel pose. Like all of the books in Chainani’s fairy tale-inspired YA series, Netflix’s The School for Good and Evil both pulls deep from and pokes fun at the magical storybook canon with a tale about the many different forms love can take.

Netflix’s The School for Good and Evil from director Paul Feig tells the story of Agatha (Sofia Wylie) and Sophie (Sophia Anne Caruso), two best friends who, despite being slightly different…

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Author: Charles Pulliam-Moore