Marvel Snap is 5D chess in six minutes or less

Graphic for Marvel Snap featuring a large group of Marvel superheroes radiating out from the Marvel Snap text at the center
Image: Second Dinner

I love Marvel Snap for one very specific reason: the games are short. I’m a lover of collectible card games — Magic: The Gathering, specifically. But I know when I sit down to play a game, I have to be prepared to give up a significant portion of my time. As a result, it’s rare that I commit myself to a random game of Magic: The Gathering Arena because of the time involved. (Which is why I remain a below-mediocre player whenever I participate in my monthly casual MTG league.) But with Marvel Snap, one of the game’s biggest selling points is that a match can be completed within five to six minutes, with the same thrill and strategy of a 30-minute MTG game.

Marvel Snap is the debut game of Second Dinner, an indie studio co-founded by f…

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Author: Ash Parrish