Lightroom is (finally) all I need for photo editing

A GIF demonstrating the new content-aware heal tool in Adobe Lightroom being used on a distracting trailer behind a woman on a swing.
GIF: Adobe

I’ve never been a Photoshop person. Some of my Verge colleagues — particularly on our excellent photo and art team — have often used Photoshop in combination with Lightroom when working on images for the site. But I’ve always done my best to stick with Lightroom all by itself. At least among Adobe apps. Other tools have become part of my workflow as I’ve done my best to avoid the all-powerful Photoshop.

There are a few reasons for this. For one, Photoshop can feel like overkill when all I’m really ever doing is touching up review shots. But Lightroom is also cleaner. It’s available directly from the Mac App Store and an easy, clean install that comes without extra cruft. And it’s just as simple to remove if I want to. (The same is true f…

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Author: Chris Welch