Destiny 2 Exotic Shotgun Lord of Wolves Temporarily Disabled After Unintentional Damage Boost

The Lord of Wolves Exotic shotgun has been disabled in Destiny 2 after Bungie found it dealt more damage than intended.

In a tweet, the Bungie Help account announced the gun’s temporary removal. Bungie is targeting a fix for next week’s update and more information will come when it is available.

One of the features of today’s patch was an adjustment of Lord of Wolves, changing its Release the Wolves mode to be more balanced in PvP. In detail, the patch removed a 25% universal base damage buff, replacing it with a 40% PvE buff. The patch also removed a 50% critical hit multiplier plenty and reduced ADS accuracy penalty from 10x to 3x. These fixes should have helped the gun become see a more balanced usage in PvP, but until a fix is introduced, it just made the gun even more powerful.

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Author: Grace Benfell