250 million devices run Android Go — but the new version is more demanding

Series of screenshots showing a phone’s lock screen, PIN screen, home screen, and quick settings screen.
Customization, even if your phone has limited hardware. | Image: Google

Google has announced that over a quarter of a billion devices that people use each month are running Android Go edition, which is designed for phones with limited storage and memory. However, the new version that Google announced on Wednesday, Android 13 Go, will require more power than its predecessors.

Based on the latest version of Google’s mainline OS, Android 13 Go edition adds a version of the Material You system, letting you pick one of four color schemes based on your wallpaper. When Google originally announced Material You as a feature of Android 12 (though the Go edition of that OS didn’t feature it), it also touted the inclusion of fancier animations. Its post about Android 13 Go doesn’t mention those, however — it’s possible…

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Author: Mitchell Clark