Valve’s new dock won’t replace your Switch, but it makes the Steam Deck more useful

Two people are playing a game with their Steam Deck hooked up to a TV through the Steam Deck dock.
Using the dock to play through Portal 2 co-op is a great idea. | Image: Valve

I’ve been waiting for Valve’s official Steam Deck dock for quite a while, so when the $89 accessory finally went on sale earlier this month, I ordered one right away. A few months ago, I wrote about how Steam Deck has changed the way I buy games in part because I believe I’ll be able to access my games on Steam for far longer than I can on other platforms. But I wasn’t ready to go all in because playing the handheld on my TV wasn’t as smooth an experience as it is on the Nintendo Switch.

To be fair, TV gaming has never been the intention of the Steam Deck, as it’s clearly designed to be a portable device. But I’ve been testing the dock to see if it makes playing on my TV easier anyway. To me, it makes the Steam Deck even more useful; the…

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Author: Jay Peters